I’m Emma

A certified coach, qualified in psychology & business, and a stubborn optimist dedicated to helping you build that life & career that lights you up, everyday.

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i believe Most of us live our lives by accident, falling into what's easiest or doing what's expected of us.

While a cool job title, a nice little pay-rise or keeping the parents happy might seem like a quick win, none of these benefits last very long. When we fall into the wrong line of work, we often end up feeling exhausted, stressed and restless. Each day is a struggle to get motivated.

Fulfilment comes when we live our lives on purpose.

Fulfilment comes when we find the “Thing” that brings us to life.

Everyone has one. It’s that thing that excites you, that gives more energy than it takes. It’s your natural strength. Your endless obsession. Your passion.

We spend more than 80% of our time at work.

So, we might as well spend it on something that matters. We might as well spend it on that Thing, our Thing.

I help people find and pursue theirs with fun, clarity and confidence.

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