1. Roused, animated, or imbued with the spirit to do something, by or as if arising from some external creative impulse, or some supernatural or divine influence;

2. Of air or another substance that is breathed in.

This is a call out to the wild ones.

The inspired ones.

The dreamers.

 The ones ready to listen to the call of their souls, press play on their dreams, f*** the rules and set themselves free.

Let me show you how.


Hi, I’m Emma

I’m a Career & Mindset Coach who works with inspired women ready to unleash their passion and purpose to the world so that they can live wild and free.

I envision a world where everyone gets to pursue what makes their soul come alive.

If we had a world full of people doused up on love for their lives, I think that would be a pretty happy little place to live.

As someone who was stuck in the world of pleasing everyone but myself for too long, I’m now obsessed with helping give women with big dreams the permission they are seeking to pursue them.


A few quick facts

10 + years experience in the corporate world (people, coaching, leadership development, recruitment)

Qualified in Psychology & Business - UWA

Certified Professional Coach - International Coach Federation

Qualified in multiple psychometric profiling surveys

A knack for spotting people’s strengths and unharnessed potential, often long before they do.

My Story

I grew up in the bush, in a tiny town up north.

Don’t ask the name, you probably wouldn’t have heard of it.

As a kid, I walked barefoot in the red dirt & spinifex and did all the things kids do. Climbed in caves, boogey boarded down sand dunes and regularly got up to mischief.

as life progressed, I learn the ‘art’ of people-pleasing.

“Easy going,” they said. At the time I thought it was a compliment. I was good at making other people happy. Doing what was expected. Being the person they needed me to be.

An expert chameleon, one might say. You give me an environment, I’d make my skin fit in.

As per the chameleon way, I followed the usual path. Uni, travelling the globe (including an adventure to Malawi to teach English at a local high school), and a couple of uni exchanges in Canada and Holland. Lots of party. A little bit of study. Tonnes of new friends. Unlimited memories.

Upon return, as we do, I fell into the traditional working world. The world of rules, policies, restrictions, logic, suppressed emotion, pencil skirts, desk sitting and presenting whatever professional front was required… to succeed, to achieve, to survive.

The problem was…

I hate rules.

I’m a massive dork. Policies make my soul shrivel. I’m passionate, silly, loud and emotional. And sitting behind a computer for more than a few hours at a time made my whole body start to shake in rebellion. I laugh too loud. I say the wrong thing. I even have my own “Laing-uage” (a book of definitions created by my girlfriends to help interpret my made up words).

I’m a child of the earth. And I feel most myself when walking barefoot in the bush, early morning beach dips, running with my horse – I mean dog, camping in the wilderness, throwing big colour on a canvas, diving with my hubbie, drinking wine too quickly with my girlfriends, terrible singing and dancing my little man, and telling jokes that perfectly miss the punchline.

These things did not fit in too much in the working world.

I was coming home feeling just a little empty on the inside. And living in a state of mild anxiety. Something didn’t feel quite right but I didn’t know what it was so, as we do, I pushed those god dam feelings down. Before of course allowing them a momentary release during weekends of partying where a little of the ‘wild’ could be let out.

Then came the email. The offer. The choice.

An incredible opportunity to join a purpose-driven business led by strong, empowered women. This could be it, I thought!

My heart yelled out YES. My whole body lit up in energy and excitement.

But I sat on it.

I was suspended in indecision.

The good ol’ fear mind kicked into gear. What about all the people you’ll let down? That you’ll disappoint? What if you fail?

I realised in that moment that I wasn’t going to be able to make everyone happy. Someone was going to get hurt. But in that moment, I decided that person was not going to be me.

Yes, I might fail. But also, I might not.

The fear was enormous, but something within me was stronger. A determination coming from within. It almost felt like a sneaky superpower that I had never experienced before.

I called the meeting. It was hard but it was done.

From there, life catapulted.

In the most intense and exciting directions. Everything opened up... I flew through my coach training, landed my dream job with a coaching and leadership organisation, started my own business, and coached hundreds of people through career and life transitions and ignite their own passions and purpose. I even got pregnant and had a beautiful little baby boy called Oscar who fills my life with joy everyday.

When I said yes to the call of my soul, it’s like life started turning to colour. Opportunities started opening up everywhere. Doors opened up. Everything got really clear. Fun. Exciting. An intense energy emerged in me almost overnight.  

That was a few years ago. And life just kept getting more fun.

And for me, it all started with saying yes to soul - just that once. Then… continuing to do so.

Over and over again.

And now?



I get to run my own coaching biz helping incredible women through similar life altering transitions.

(As well as hang out with my little man, my larger husband and my giant labrador.)

Keen to work with me?

Emma is a highly supportive, intelligent and energizing coach who deeply cares for people and their futures. I have seen Emma coach on a number of occasions and it is clear that she has combined both the art and science of coaching in a highly effective way to serve her clients. Emma creates a safe, supportive and progressive space for her clients to grow. She has dedicated herself to getting properly trained, mentored and experienced in her coaching profession. I highly recommend Emma as a fabulous coach to anyone wanting to accelerate themselves towards their future.
— Jenny Edis, Principal Coach & Director Professional Coaching Australia