My Training

  • Bachelor in Psychology (double major) and Commerce from UWA

  • Associate Certified Coach (ACC) from the International Coach Federation (ICF)

  • Certified in multiple psychometric profiling tools (personality and cognitive)

  • Almost 10 years experience in coaching, HR, recruitment and training as well as helping small businesses


My Story


It all started when I was feeling lost, misaligned and disconnected in my work.

I had studied psychology and HR at uni and worked in a few different HR roles. My job at the time kept me busy and challenged, but something just didn't feel right. The best way I could describe it was that my head and heart weren't aligned. The head was full but the heart was a little more on the empty side.

After way too long of 'back and forth' in my head about what to do, the uneasy feeling increased, finally leading to me leaving that job and taking a big risk on a new opportunity. Then began the rabbit hole of deep research (AKA obsession) into purpose-driven work and what drives people to feel truly fulfilled in what they do.

I got head deep in a heap of articles, clips, podcasts and audiobooks on the leading researchers in work, fulfilment, motivation and meaning... learning from people like Tom Bilyeu, Simon Sinek, Tony Robbins, Gary Vee, Tim Ferris and a whole heap of others. 

Knowing that 80 percent of us aren't engaged in our work (Gallup, 2018), and hearing so many of my friends and family struggling with work motivation issues, at the end of my research, there was nothing more I wanted than to share what I'd learnt to help others.

I finished my Organisational and Executive Coaching qualification through the ICF, smashed out my 100 coaching hours target, and developed the FTT Program: An amalgamation of all of my research; a clear, action-packed, tried and tested process which dives deep to help people uncover their thing and put them on a fast track to achieving it. 

After now working in the people, coaching, career development, HR and recruitment space for over eight years, I know the system works because it comes from real world experience and proven results.

I now love what I do, keep working towards my thing, and I can't wait to help others do the same.


Me in a nutshell?

There is William Shakespawe, our massive dork of a Labrador, who really struggles with the common 'sit'.

There is my gorgeous husband (stage left) who I met on scuba course…where he may have been the instructor. And the newest addition to our family, baby Oscar.

A couple of other side-ventures in leadership development coaching and a fitness technology app.

Some pretty bloody great friends and family who I usually drink wine, eat good food, camp and/or take the boat out with.

A house that needs renovating.

A plan to travel the world diving and sailing.

That’s me.

Emma is a highly supportive, intelligent and energizing coach who deeply cares for people and their futures. I have seen Emma coach on a number of occasions and it is clear that she has combined both the art and science of coaching in a highly effective way to serve her clients. Emma creates a safe, supportive and progressive space for her clients to grow. She has dedicated herself to getting properly trained, mentored and experienced in her coaching profession. I highly recommend Emma as a fabulous coach to anyone wanting to accelerate themselves towards their future.
— Jenny Edis, Principal Coach & Director Professional Coaching Australia