How the Job Hunting Game has Changed

Its a whole new world in finding your next gig these days.

What worked 40 years ago when trying to get a job won’t work today. 

In his recent book on job-hunting, Bolles says in this new world, the one who gets hired is not necessarily the one who can do that job best; but, the one who knows the most about how to get hired.

Bolles gives 3 hot tips in this new world of finding the right next opportunity:

  1. Forget your CV. Focus on what comes up when people search for you.

  2. Start with yourself before hitting the market. Search is your friend.

  3. Nail the interview by doing your homework.

Tip 1: Forget your CV, build up your online presence instead.

After more than seven years in HR, recruitment and executive search, one thing I know is that you don’t need a resumé to get a job.

Connections help (more on that later) but just as importantly, Bolles says to check what comes up in a search:

1.     Google your name. How would your LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter profile appear to a future employer? 

2.     Control any damage. Check your security settings and get rid of those inappropriate photos, statements or false info.

3.     Turn it around. Leave a trail of positive stories, achievements and all that stuff that employers will find impressive. You want to showthe world what you can do, not tell. 

Hint: The more detail on your LinkedIn profile, the more likely a Recruiter searching for a skillset just like yours, will be able to find you and share potential opportunities which may interest you (simultaneously saving you from doing all the hard work of searching the market too)!

Tip 2. Start with yourself before hitting the market

A few stats: Looking for job ads online works on average just 4% of the time. Asking around for job-leads works 33% of the time. Knocking on the door of any employer… works 47% of the time. What Bolles calls ‘The Parachute Way’ works 86% of the time. This is where instead of scrolling the advertised job-market, you begin with yourself…

1ststep. Get clear on what you want in your next role. What are you most interested in? What people do you want to work with? What sort of environment do you work best in? What goals do you have for yourself? What do you want to do, learn, become and give? Pioritise what’s most important.

2nd step. Search and you will find. The Google game isn’t one-sided. Google any organization that interests you, whether or not they are known to have a vacancy. Learn as much as you can about them to see if there would be a good fit, before making contact.

3rd step.Create your ‘pitch’. What skills can you offer? Why will you be great for this company?

Finally, check for any mutual connections. The right ones can be invaluable. You can do this through LinkedIn, even Facebook. Someone that you know and they (your target) know, can bridge that gap between you and a job there.

Lesson 4: Nail the interview by doing your homework.

If you get an interview, ensure you nail it by following Bolles three specific tips:

  1. Soak up everything there is to know about the company & role. Read their website, reports, presentations and articles cover to cover. Look up employees on LinkedIn. Soak up all the facts and figures and info you can get your hands on.

  2. Match your experience with the role outcomes. Look at what the role will be expected to achieve in order to be successful, and prepare examples of past experiences which show you have achieved similar results before. 

  3. Prepare questions. In a great interview you won’t do most of the talking. You’ll do a good chunk of listening, because you have asked such great questions. 

Yes, the job-hunting game has changed. But if you take the time to get your online presence right, figure out what you are looking for in your next role, embrace the power of Search and work hard to nail the interview… you are putting a heap of power back in your hands.