How to Stay Motivated after a few Rejection Slaps

Another day, another polite phone call advising, “unfortunately, at this time, you were not successful for this role”. Or perhaps its an email stating “another candidate was a better fit”. Or perhaps you didn’t get notified at all. 

It can be a real punch in the face. It sucks and there are so many people going through this. It takes guts and a whole lot of strength to pick yourself back up again after a few hits to the ego.

What do you do to keep yourself going? How do you stay motivated and positive so that you can apply for that next role, revise that CV and ‘wow’ the pants off your new hiring manager? 

Try these ideas out: 

1.      Use the time to get clear on what you really want.

Are you applying for opportunities you’re actually excited about? Or are you just clicking apply? Its not often that you have the time to really reflect and think about what is important to you. 

What would your dream career and life look like if you could design it? If there was NOTHING to get in your way, what would you like to achieve in your career in 10 years time? What impact do you want to make? Once you’re clear on these questions, you can reverse engineer the path to get there.

2.      Take a “temp” job while you build the dream.

If you’re out of work, consider taking a “temp” job to take the pressure off the bills and allow you to build your dream. Temp jobs can be a heap of fun and teach you some unexpectantly awesome stuff in the process. 

There is always time to start building the dream. Most of us just make excuses to start because it can be a bit scary and uncomfortable. What’s stopping you from starting now? If you’re not clear on that dream, its worth talking to someone who can help you articulate it and map out a plan to achieve it.

3.      Don’t settle. 

You’re probably hearing (and starting to tell yourself) “any job is better than no job”. This is not the case. If you’re not excited to apply, it will affect the effort you put into applying. If you don’t want it, don’t bother applying, it will only drain you and the hiring manager will be able to tell. Why waste your time and invite another bruise to the ego? Plus accepting a position you don’t want is only going to leave you miserable and back at square one: planning your escape. Refer Tip 1: What do you really want?

4.      Surround yourself with the right people. 

You’ve probably heard that you are the average of the five people you spend most time with. 

Who are the people you look up to in your dream career? How can you spend more time with them? Ask for their advice, soak up their positive energy, absorb their wisdom, insights and perspective. Talk to them about your dream career and what you want to achieve. You will see that they even inadvertently keep an eye out for opportunities for you which align. 

Tom Bilyeu’s hot tip is to offer to work for free for your dream career mentor for 90 days. Promise to work harder and smarter than anyone they’ve ever met. The key to this is to actually deliver on that promise. At the end of the 90 days, best case, you’re offered a job and are set up for life with your dream career mentor. Worst case, you walk away with a powerful new contact and a few crucial skills passed down from someone you consider the best in the business.

5.      Challenge the traditional and expected path.

It’s a ridiculously fast moving, entrepreneurial and unpredictable world out there these days. SEEK is not the only place to find jobs anymore. There are thousands of weird and wonderful gigs available online with new and exciting companies you would have never known existed, offering learning experiences you would have never imagined. 

Keep your eyes peeled and your mind open. Say yes. Get creative. Try something new. Check out different networking events. Talk to different people. Ask questions. Listen more. Take a step off the expected path. You never know what will come of it.

If you’re feeling powerless in the job hunting game, you can get more power back by getting uber clear on what YOU really want. What career and life really excites you? Then focus on taking opportunities which build up your skills to help you achieve it.

My clients always tell me they’re blown away by how their stress decreases after getting super clear on their ‘WHY’. 

When they have the ‘big ticket’ end-goal in mind, the journey to achieving it becomes so much more fun, focused and meaningful. You can check out their stories here: