How Life Coach, Amelia Harvey Found her Thing & Brought it to Life

Life Coach, Amelia Harvey encourages women to be their best by helping them create a life that feels great for them. 

I had the awesome honour of chatting to good friend and incredible Life Coach, Amelia, about how she found her Thing and transformed it into a flourishing, soul-aligned life coaching business helping so many women around the world.

 Where it started… 

Amelia has always been interested in the human mind, studying Psychology at uni. After completing her Honours degree, she started studying to become a doctor, but realised she hated being chained to books and the rules of the uni curriculum. 

Along side her study, she was working but had zero interest in moving up the ranks. She notes, “I was exhausted… and didn’t feel I was living up to my potential. I wasn’t pushing myself.” 

In these areas where passion was lacking, studying coaching felt different. She realised she “had all the time in the world for it”. Plus, she believed in a more holistic approach to health.

This self-reflection led to her knowing she should follow her intuition.

Compare then to now…

“It feels good, it feels right, I never have problems getting motivated, I’m so excited about the business and its potential – I think about it 24/7. It feels so good, and comes naturally.”

How did she do it?

Amelia shares 7 tips for how she found & pursued her ‘Thing’ and how you can too:

1.    Get meditating. “I practiced letting thoughts be and re-connecting. The intuition whispers while the mind yells through a megaphone.”

2.    Try a different space. “I went to Bali for a few months, as a spiritual retreat.” Amelia used this time in a different physical space for self reflection. 

3.    Devour books & podcasts. Amelia absorbed all she could in goal-setting and manifesting, “I thought maybe there is a different way – maybe I could write one [a blog] myself! I listened to Marie Forleo, School of Greatness, and Mel Ambrossini.” 

4.    Hire a coach to help. Amelia shares that a game-changer for her was getting her mindset right and figuring out her limiting beliefs. Amelia said a coach helped call her out on a belief that, “You can’t make money doing what you love.” 

5.    Use a sounding board. Amelia shared that her partner helped a lot. “Trav sees me really clearly. He’d say, ‘If you want to do something, just do it.’ He had full belief in me.”

6.    Do the thing you enjoy. Amelia says, “Follow your interests, whatever they are… start a blog, exercise… no matter what it is, make time to do the things you love. Be in that flow you love. Be in nature, and with the things you connect with. Rather than looking for your purpose, look for what feels good, what excites you, when you get into flow. Look for clues.”

7.    Keep choosing your choice. I love this one. Amelia shares, “Once you’ve chosen what you want to do, get focused, don’t keep looking onto what’s next. It takes time to figure out what you want. Keep plugging into what is exciting, don’t be distracted by bright shiny things.” 

Now that Amelia has found her thing, she loves what she does. She follows her energy and works the way that she wants to. 

She has created a thriving business and… ready to hear some amazing news? If you’re searching for your Thing, take Amelia’s number one tip and turn up the volume on those whispers of intuition with her meditation app launching early 2019. I can’t wait try it!

Where can you soak up more of this beauty’s wisdom? Visit Amelia’s website for freebies to help you be your best or join her Inner Peace Party Facebook tribe for regular live videos + meditation tips. 

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