How to Find That Thing You Were Meant For

It all starts with an interest. You explore that interest. It turns to fascination or it fizzles away. If it turns to fascination, you can't help but become good at it. Then you get so good at it, they can't ignore you. It brings you rewards. You've found your passion, you've found That Thing. Your natural source of energy.

So you’ve heard a lot about “that thing”, how awesome it is, how it makes everything better, blah blah blah. While this is true, the question I often get asked is how do you actually find it?

In all honesty, while it is a 'discovery' process, it’s not just about finding it and then voila unicorns start dancing out of rainbows. Once you get a flicker of what it could be, it takes work to then create it, build it and make it your own.

There will probably be a few false starts as well. There usually is. But each one gets you closer to the real path, the one you were meant for.

Finding that path can be a bit of a mess as well. Lots of shrubbery, rocks and hills and stuff in between the old, well-known and comfortable path and the new, unknown, barely-formed one.

How'd you get off track?

Likely somewhere back towards the start, you started heading slightly off-course... pursuing career directions and jobs that you fell into with little thought or you got caught up in the whirlwind of climbing that momentarily-satisfying corporate ladder.

Until you were sitting there one day thinking, do I even like, care or believe in this job that I spend over 80 percent of my life doing?

The really tricky part? Once you know what you want, having the confidence to move towards it. The fear of moving into something new or taking a risk can be all too much.

Many people just settle. They stay in their jobs doing the comfortable thing until the boredom or frustration kills them enough that they just have to do something, anything different.

The good news? The transition doesn't have to be scary and risky. Its about having a plan, a purpose, and baby steps. The transition can be fun, and doesn’t mean having to quit your day job... not yet anyway.