How Side-Hustle Coach, Ruby Lee, found her ‘Thing’ (and at exactly the right time)!

Oh golly gee, boy oh boy, am I excited to bring you this FTT interview! What a pleasure and honour to chat to this legend!

Meet Ruby Lee, Side-Hustle Coach, founder of ‘Own Your Hustle’, podcaster and all-round legend. Ruby helps people kick start their side-hustles and get them absolutely humming.

Ruby has been a coach of mine for quite a few months now and is not only a constant source of inspiration, positive energy and light but also a productivity machine!

This is someone on a mission.

This is someone who has found her path.

This is someone absolutely in her element.

This is someone driving forward with such momentum, driven by her want and NEED to help side-hustlers bring their businesses to the world. It is amazing to see and experience.

But she wasn’t always a side-hustle coach.

In fact, she started off in recruitment and was VERY close to committing to going down the corporate path in her 9-5.

She reflects back to before she found her “thing”, her passion for coaching side-hustlers:

“I was feeling doubts and insecurities. I was misaligned in my day job. Clients weren’t on my vibe. I wasn’t energetically full. I wasn’t lit up by it. I would feel a total energetic loss and exhausted after coaching.”

Compare that to now: “Now I’m pumped up. I’m energetically full every day.”

How did she make that transition?

How did she find her “thing” and know that it was the ‘right’ and aligned path for her?

How did she commit to her passion with such fierce determinism, certainty and assurance?

I know quite a bit about Ruby’s journey now and I can easily say it wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows. She reflects, “There were zigs and zags… the universe definitely “tested” me.”

But she found her thing in the end, and not a minute too late!

Below she shares with us how she did it and how she recommends preparing when you’re about to make the big move:

  1. Make sure you have a financial pillar in place before you go “all in”.

This is one I hear time and time again with my FTT interviewees. Get your finances stable before you rush into anything.

Ruby says, “I set a contract with myself and had a reminder for myself, when I hit that six figure mark, that’s when I’d go all in. Give yourself that number. Whatever feels right for you. Then commit and move out of your own way, and just do it.”

2. Talk to someone you trust.

“The hubby helped. He was more ready than I was. I also consulted three of my best friends who knew me best.” Ruby recommends people who can reflect back to you through their lens, to offer different perspectives.

3. Meditate and journal.

“I’m a journaling girl. You have the answers. No one else has your answers for you.”

Ruby recommends journaling on, “’What does the best version of yourself look like?’ If the best version has not yet come to life, what can you do to get yourself there? For example, you may need to learn about X, or change careers or surround yourself with the right people.”

When considering the big decisions, ask yourself, “Is it aligned? How bad do I want it?”

4. Listen, look and pay attention.

She looked at what her clients were coming to her for. Just before she went “all in” with her side-hustle, she actually made a last-minute pivot to serve side-hustlers; people transitioning from full time jobs into their side-businesses.

She had received numerous enquiries about how she went about quitting her full time job and starting her side-hustle.

So she took the ‘hint’ from the universe. She listened to what people were asking of her, what the universe was asking her to pay attention to.

Ruby reflects back to before she started serving side-hustlers, “I was always a great employee yet I never felt my best self. I always felt like I had more to give. Now I wake up every day, so excited with what the day has to bring.”

Ruby also knows she has made the right move because she gets reminded of it every day from her tribe (me included!) with messages of gratitude: “They say I’ve inspired them to take the first step and get over fear. It’s incredibly humbling. There is incredible joy in that.”

If you haven’t checked out Ruby’s Own Your Hustle podcast, I highly recommend you do so, it’s a bloody ripper. Or for more goodies and wisdom from this beam of light, check out her website. You can also connect with her on Instagram, Linkedin or Facebook.2924627_1546398649486SOUL_PURPOSE_SIDE_HUSTLE_WORKBOOK.pdfzHaven’t found your ‘thing’ yet? 

This is your time! Get onto it NOW. There has never been a better time to find your passion & purpose and make it happen.

My FREE video Masterclass will give you clarity on that thing you were made for. Check it out today. 2924627_1546398649486SOUL_PURPOSE_SIDE_HUSTLE_WORKBOOK.pdf future self will thank you that you started now: 5 Steps to Find Your Thing.

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