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Motivation Magic

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I was seeing that there was a missing piece for so many inspired legends out there. They'd feel on FIRE about their big, heart-fuelled dreams one day, and then full of self-doubt & exhaustion the next. Hence, where this program came from.

MOTIVATION MAGIC fills that gap.

It ignites your spark & keeps it lit, so you can achieve your big dreams. It reveals the formula for your fire. It cracks the code to your confidence so you can stop caring what people think & take courageous action on your big, bright life vision!

Everyone has their own unique code to what makes them tick & what brings out their fire. In this program, we reveal yours.

Over 3 weeks, you'll learn:


  • Complete your own PRINT Personality Survey: This reveals what drives you at your core.

  • Pre-Course workbook which reveals your energetic blueprint!

  • Access the “Re-write your story” audio training to re-write the script on your life’s meaning

  • Find out your unconscious motivators & needs in life, what triggers your 'shadow' behaviour, and WHY.

MODULE 1: Self Discovery & Your Energetic Blueprint

  • PRINT Personality debrief as a group to understand more about you

  • Learn how motivation works & where it comes from – why do some people have "it" and other people don’t?

  • Uncover your energetic blueprint: Discover your purpose & passions, strengths & life value pillars

MODULE 2: Energy & Inner Power

  • Discover how to get yourself charged up, on fire & stay that way

  • Learn how to zip up your energy leaks are & what drains you

  • How to overcome procrastination & create your own momentum

  • Find your sweet spot of unlimited power, confidence & positive energy

MODULE 3. Clear Your Mindset Blockers

  • Learn how to stop people pleasing & caring what people think

  • Let go of fear, doubt and anxiety holding you back

  • Spark your own inner confidence, trust & knowing (let go of self doubt)

  • Discover a mindset shift which will keep your motivation high always

  • Discover the secret to unlimited energy & intrinsic motivation

WEEK 4 - Confidence & Momentum

  • Learn how to unlock your power, confidence & inner knowing

  • Learn how to hear your inner voice and trust yourself

  • Unlock your inner wisdom & the power of the subconscious mind

  • Dream big. Start small: Take action & kickstart your momentum

Over these 3 weeks, you get access to a LIVE video class from me + workbooks + journalling prompts + audio trainings + unlimited voice message support over Voxer during the period of the program!

The lessons are designed to give a little shot of inspiration, mindset hacks as well as some exercises to get you deep diving into your mindset, soul & psyche! You also get the chance to ask me any Qs you like during these.

You get lifetime access to the program and you can move through it at your own pace - but I’ll be on your case if I feel like you need it!

You will leave feeling inspired, energised, blown up and ready-tofreaking-go. From this place, things become exciting & clear. This is where the fun starts. This is where you kickstart momentum on owning your biggest, boldest, brightest life.

If money it toight, I have good news. This is one of my lowest cost programs EVER!

Payment plans available and if you sign up before 4th October you get $100 discount!. This is a unique opportunity as I won't be offering it at this price again!

Can't wait to get started & bring your big, BADASS dreams to life! x

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