Happy Words

Coach, dog-lover, wine-drinker

"I found the whole experience to be really positive and in time where I've felt lost I've left the session feeling much clearer and future focused. Emma always exceeds my expectations in our sessions.

Emma is very easy to be open and honest with and has a lovely style of warm, yet challenging coaching. She asks tricky questions that really had me thinking.

I really enjoyed in the past when she has sent me interesting articles or check ins through the week, something simple like this really is a stand out to keep it front of mind...

Sometimes with the right question the answer / solution is right in front of me! The direct questioning helps me to identify the core quickly - most of the time I barely know what that is!"

Teacher, ocean lover, soon-to-be mum

Coaching with Emma has allowed me to seek clarity on which direction I am heading and how to achieve it.

Its been better than I expected, I love that you can go into a session not really knowing what you are going to come out with but there are all these lightbulb moments that make you feel as though Emma really knows you!

I really love the relaxed environment of a coffee shop! I love Emma's energy and the way she uses questions to challenge my thinking without making me feel threatened. She creates a safe environment to open up which allows me to work beyond what I thought I was capable of! She has honestly given me so much motivation and energy to go forward!

My biggest 'a-ha' moment was Commitment! To make smaller micro goals and work on them one step at a time!