Tools of Discovery

The following are all tools which you can use to help you understand what truly motivates and drives you.

Personality & Motivators Survey: $90

This is the only tool I've found in all my time that actually tells you something new and different (and sometimes surprising!) about yourself. It doesn't just tell you WHAT your personality is, it goes deep into your WHY - what drives from the inside. It tells you where your natural strengths lie, how to use these to keep yourself feeling fulfilled and operating at your BEST, and what can get in the way.

As you might be able to tell, I'm pretty obsessed with this tool and its the only one I recommend to my closest family and friends.

Request yours below and find out your unconscious motivators!

Find that Thing Quiz: free!

The Find That Thing (FTT) Quiz gives you clarity as to whether you’re on the right path & what to do about it.

Find out if you've found your thing, the thing you were meant for: Here.

Personality Survey + Debrief Session: $155

Personality Debriefs are invaluable when you are on the hunt for a new role or considering pursuing a different direction. They provide clarity on:

  • Where your personality would flourish and thrive

  • What career direction will fulfill you given what unconsciously motivates you in life

  • Your strengths and how to harness them

  • Your triggers (or those things that irrationally annoy you) and what to do about them.

Purpose + Passion Debriefs help in a similar way to the above however they focus more on your intrinsic drivers and designing your life and career direction in a way that aligns with these.




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