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Sign up for an FTT Program to start building the life and career you were made for! They are a mixture of one to one coaching sessions with yours truly, group workshops, online sessions and more.

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For those needing some clarity and direction on their life & career.

This program challenges you to think differently, and expand your mindset.

If you’re ready to throw excuses out the window, define your real dreams, and think BIG, then this is for you.


For those ready to uncover their thing, the thing they were meant for: their purpose, passion and greatest potential.

Live a life and career full of passion, energy and fulfilment.

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For those ready to take action and bring their Thing to the world.

This Program steps you through the key building blocks you’ll need to get your new business off the ground and up and running.

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So you’re in a pickle.

Which path to choose? Before you make a big life-changing decision, check out this Program.

Ok so I loved this! I really thought I had spent loads of time thinking about this and exploring my feelings about my passions and what I could do with them, so I wasn’t sure I would come up with many new ideas. Boy was I wrong!

The questions I had to think about now really showed how limited I have been in my thinking, only looking at what is most feasible or the closest opportunity, without really thinking big about what I want to accomplish.

I was surprised that these simple questions even created a new business idea that I am super excited about!
— Recent Graduate of the Unearthed Program

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If you’re not looking for a specific program, you’d just like to start working with me, then check out my general Coaching offer! It will be just what you’re looking for.

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