General Purpose + Performance Coaching

Ideal for anyone who is:

  • Lacking in motivation in what they're doing

  • Needing a little direction and clarity in their lives and work

  • Struggling with an ongoing issue at work and needing an extra perspective on it

  • Feeling restless; like there is something more that they could be doing

  • Feel like their work is just not aligned with what they believe (heart vs head situation)

  • Working through a decision on whether to stay or leave their job

  • Clear on what they want to do but need help getting there (action-planning)

  • Lacking in accountability and need some help staying focused and on track

IT WILL focus on & HELP YOU:

  • Mindset: Build you growth mindset, get you thinking BIG about what you want in your life and put a plan in place to achieve it

  • Purpose: Reconnect with your ‘why’, your purpose, how you make a difference in others’ lives and what you’re here for.

  • Passion: Double down on and explore your incredible passion you have for what you do.

  • Potential: Amplify & harness your strengths, skills and experience in the best way possible to leave you absolutely killing it.

  • Obstacles: Help you overcome the issues occurring at your workplace; those things getting in the way of you being your best self, loving your work and achieving all those things you want and deserve to achieve. 

the Investment (in yourself):

General Purpose + Performance Coaching - $89 to $299 per session*

*Costs vary depending on number of sessions signed up to within a Program.

The counseling exceeded all my expectations. It was very well structured and I went from feeling overwhelmed about making career decisions to feeling confident and clear about taking my next steps.
I learnt that it is possible to make career choices based on life values, and that with the right guidance, this can be done by using a clear and structured process.
— 29 year old passionate lawyer, surfer and traveller
Emma is a highly supportive, intelligent and energizing coach who deeply cares for people and their futures. I have seen Emma coach on a number of occasions and it is clear that she has combined both the art and science of coaching in a highly effective way to serve her clients. Emma creates a safe, supportive and progressive space for her clients to grow. She has dedicated herself to getting properly trained, mentored and experienced in her coaching profession. I highly recommend Emma as a fabulous coach to anyone wanting to accelerate themselves towards their future.
— Jenny Edis, Principal Coach, Professional Coaching Australia


A few snapshots from some of the people I've had the opportunity to help.

Tough decisions.

Helped a lawyer make the tough decision between three potential work
opportunities, based on what would truly make her happy.

New directions.

Helped a Tax Consultant get clear on what she truly wanted to do, build the
confidence to take the first step, then pursue a new career in the people / marketing

New perspective.

Helped a young project manager move from wanting to quit, to thriving in her
current role, having the confidence to ask for what she wanted, and start developing her
career in coaching.

Life transitions.

Helped an entrepreneurial spirit plan out her transition from full time work to
pursuing her own 'side-hustle' which meant a risk and fear-free transition as she moved
towards the career of her dreams.

Connect with purpose.

Helped a driven and ambitious part time biz owner clarify her purpose, re-appreciate
why she first started the business and re-spark a heap of joy, fun and passion in
the process.