Career & Life Coaching

Read on below to find out if its for you.

If you’re here, I’m willing to bet this rings true…

  • You’re in a bit of a pickle. You’ve lost your motivation and you’re feeling a little lost and stuck about where you’re at with your life.

  • You feel like your head and your heart just aren’t aligned.

  • You want some clarity and direction before before you make any big life-changing decisions.

  • You feel like you ‘fell’ into what you’re doing now without much thought and you’re sick of spending more than 80% of your week doing something that doesn’t light your soul on fire.

  • You’re feeling restless because you know there's something more out there for you. But something keeps holding you back from taking the first step.

  • You keep getting weighed down by fear, doubt, insecurities, stories, excuses and limiting beliefs about your ability to "make it".

  • You feel a little trapped and overwhelmed by the whole thing: The system, the expectations, the pressure, the rules, the restrictions of how it ‘should’ be done.

  • You’re sick of overthinking the situation.

  • You want some clarity, accountability and help with staying focused and on track.

You are ready to:

  • Let go of all that BS. To say ‘sayonara’ to your fears and doubts. Throw excuses out the window, define your real dreams.

  • Think differently and expand your mindset, challenge yourself, and get SUPER clear on what you want most in your life and career.

  • Find that thing you are meant for: Your purpose, passion and greatest potential. That thing that drives you from the inside-out and lights you up everyday.

  • Take action and pursue a life and career by design, on your terms.

How it works.

6 coaching sessions over 3 months where we:

  1. Dive deep to uncover your uncover your passions, purpose & strengths.

  2. Clarify your true goals, vision, dreams and ambitions for your life and figure out what’s getting in the way of you achieving them.

  3. Transform your mindset by removing mental blockers, limiting beliefs, fear, doubts & anxieties.

  4. Build your confidence, motivation and courage to be able to take action on the things you most want to do.

  5. Make you an action plan to bring your thing to life.

The Impact.

This program has achieved some remarkable results with people in a very short space of time.

I am so chuffed to say that 100% of my clients have given me a positive recommendation rating. To me, there is nothing more meaningful than knowing my clients would recommend me to work with their friends and family.

“Would 100% recommend Emma for helping get clarity on whatever is next for you! Loved, loved, loved.”

Nicole, 29

You can read about their stories here.

One of the best bits is seeing them walk away with amazing ‘a-ha’ moments which transforms how they see and live their lives forever.

The ultimate impact of us getting to work together includes you pressing play on living the life YOU want. The life your soul wants.

We push fear to the side and build your confidence to step up to the life you want.

On your terms. One that not only feels right for you, deep down to your soul, but one that gives you a pep in your step. Every, god, dam, day.

A life that fills you with energy, confidence, passion, motivation, meaning and fulfilment.


By the end of our time working together, you will have the following:

  • 6 extended coaching sessions (1.5 hrs each) on a fortnightly basis spread over a period of three months.

  • Unlimited Whatsapp access to me (voice message & text) over the entire period - where you can ask me any of those little niggling day-to-day questions which are bound to come up during this time of self-discovery, growth and adventure.

  • A Deep Dive workbook, which goes deep to reveal your purpose (your WHY), true passions, Values and Strengths.

  • Discovery of your "Thing": Where your potential, passion, & purpose come together.

  • A fully scientifically validated Personality & Motivators Survey (worth over $200), tailored to you: revealing what you are unconsciously motivated towards in your life, your strengths, your triggers and what brings out your best.

  • A Personality Survey feedback and insights session to help you build your self awareness, harness your strengths and understand your triggers.

  • An Action Plan which clarifies your goals, and how to get there: Clear direction and guidance as to where to next and how to get there.

  • Your very own personalised Calling Card brings everything together - it captures who you are, what you're about, what drives you and brings out your best. You can use it going forward to help keep you on track in the future on any big career & life decisions!

  • A feeling of real clarity as to what motivates you and what you're here to do, resulting in endless motivation, energy, drive, excitement and fulfilment in pursuing a direction that matters.

  • Your own Checklist which you can use to help guide you through future difficult career & life decisions, to keep you on track, aligned with what’s right for you.

  • AND, if you agree… You will also receive Check-ins from me every month to see how you are going and help keep you accountable to the things you hold important to you.


Your investment in your future career & life direction and growth for all of the above is $370/month over 3 months.

Alternatively, I get that while we know whats good for us, we’re not all in the position to invest in coaching, that’s why I’m offering Pay-What-You-Want Plans starting at $99/month.


I love to chat.

book in a free discovery call with me.


Lets find that thing you were meant for.

And bring it to life.

A few beautiful words from a few beautiful souls

““Okay, so I LOVED this! 

I really thought I had spent loads of time thinking about my career and exploring my feelings about my passions and what I could do with them, so wasn’t sure I would come up with many new ideas. 

Boy was I wrong! 

The questions I had to think about now really showed my how limited I have been in my thinking, only looking at what is the most feasible and closest opportunity, without thinking really big about what I want to accomplish. 

I was surprised that these simple questions even created a new business idea that I am super excited about!”


“It allowed me to seek clarity on which direction I am heading and how to achieve it.

Its been better than I expected, I love that you can go into a session not really knowing what you are going to come out with but there are all these lightbulb moments that make you feel as though Emma really knows you!

I really love the relaxed environment of a coffee shop! I love Emma’s energy and the way she uses questions to challenge my thinking without making me feel threatened. She creates a safe environment to open up which allows me to work beyond what I thought I was capable of! She has honestly given me so much motivation and energy to go forward!

My biggest ‘a-ha’ moment was Commitment! To make smaller micro goals and work on them one step at a time!


“Career coaching was perfect for me. 

I liked starting from the ‘big picture’ things (my WHY and my purpose/passions) and slowly narrowing it down throughout the session into more specific career-related insights. 

It was good for me to put some thoughts into words and clarify what I was looking for, at a time when I had lots of chatter in my brain. 

Going home with an action plan was exactly what I needed because I am am one heck of a procrastinator. It was also good to have some coaching on identifying my strengths and weaknesses then using that information to make some decisions.

Reading back on my notes from our session I can’t help but laugh because all of the things we identified for me in an ideal career have come true! I’ve found some work that really plays to my strengths and passions. Flexibility, creativity, helping people and working with small businesses. 

Dream come true :-)


““The self reflection exercises are so well thought out to get you to where you need to be each step of the way. I really loved doing those and then reflecting on these with Emma’s guidance.

It was inspiring, educational and enjoyable! The way Emma takes you through the FTT course is not only eye opening, it’s good fun too!

I most loved the insight into my own thoughts. Taking the time to think and reflect about what is important to me. Forming goals and plans that focus on me.

The biggest takeaway for me wasn’t necessarily about finding one particular vocation or project per se but understanding the feelings or values I wanted reflect in my life, which could be translated to a variety of next steps for me. The debriefing sessions with Emma were invaluable to getting deeper meaning from the exercises I did in between sessions. 

Would 100% recommend Emma for helping get clarity on whatever is next for you! Loved, loved, loved.”